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There is no associated cost, registration is FREE. If you are awarded any of the lots/budgets on sale, you will pay the respective commission.

Yes. There is no limitation in terms of the number of bids or participations in auctions. However, it is the obligation of participants to bid responsibly.

There is no advantage in bidding in the last seconds since any bid made in the last 60 seconds results in an extension of 60 seconds to the expected closing time, ending the auction only when there are 60 seconds without the submission of new bid/bids.

No. Whenever the base amount is NOT reached, the award is subject to acceptance by the Insolvency Managers (or the Sellers). A period of not less than 30 days is foreseen for the decision to be issued.

Even if the bid is higher than the base sale value, it will be necessary to confirm that there are no impediments resulting from the rights enshrined in the Law, namely:

Exercise of the right of redemption.

Exercise of preemptive rights.

No. Bids cannot be withdrawn. Buyers may be civilly and criminally liable if they do not comply with the terms of sale.

Depending on the seller it may or may not have the documentation.

However, due to exemption from the law, if the seller is an insolvent entity, he does not need to show a license for use, an energy certificate or a technical file, although these documents may exist. This is because, as legal sales are an exception to the law, the property can be sold and registered without this documentation.

Thus, and if the bidder needs to display the documentation in question for any purpose, it is their sole responsibility to obtain it, as well as the costs involved.

On the other hand, in cases where the properties come from a seller, bank or similar, all the documentation required by law for the sale is guaranteed.

Yes. If, for reasons beyond the bidder’s control, the sale is considered null and void, all amounts paid for the same sale will be returned straight.

No. Goods from insolvent masses are sold in the physical and legal state in which they are found, free of charge or charges, without guarantees of operation/parts or assembly and transport, or other defects that may eventually exist or arise.

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