Justavenda Leiloeira is the result of a path of Work, Dedication and Will. We started our story with Dynamism, Youth, but above all with professionalism and absolute dedication to our customers, partners and all those involved in sales and services provided. We are present throughout the national territory (including the Azores and Madeira archipelagos), where we guarantee all our services, including warehouses and transport (vehicles and movable goods). We combine technological advances with the tradition of doing business fairly and we have a specialized team prepared to respond to the challenges that are launched.

We do it Fairly, with the aim of doing it better and we want to always be by your side.


We organize and carry out all types of sales, in person and online, as well as for carrying out all procedures inherent to the administrative, commercial, and legal level. We know that it is important to present solutions with this perspective, we will be present throughout the country with warehouses, transporters, trailers, property cleaning and appraisal

Let’s be with our customers and for our customers!





Electronic auctions are carried out on our website www.justavenda.pt. Registration is required through registration on our portal, The base values of the goods for sale and minimum bids will be announced in each process. You can also use our quick bids with pre-defined values as well as follow the display with the countdown of the time left until the end of the auction! All Online Opportunities:Real estate, Vehicles, Machines, home contents, etc. See our regulation!


The more traditional model is also very simple, accessible, and quick to implement. Prior registration is required (customers can pre-register on the website) as well as GUARANTEE CHECK (check will be returned at the end of the auction).A plaque with the bidder/customer number they can bid on is delivered.The on-site auctions will be held at the premises where the goods for sale are located or in rooms prepared for this purpose for the greater comfort of customers, creditors and anyone who wants to be present. In any case, visits will always be made to the goods to be auctioned at defined times and advertised in the catalog and website or by appointment.






In this modality of sale, the presentation of a written proposal with express indication of the personal or company identification elements and the Insolvency Proceeding, also including the complete description of the good or goods for which the proposal is intended, proposed value and addition of a deposit check, it is mandatory. Proposals that do not comply with these requirements cannot be accepted, although they must be included in the Bid Opening Notice. The proposal will be sent by registered mail with Notice of Receipt to our office or to the office of the Insolvency Administrators or delivered by hand, absolutely by the time set for the opening of proposals. Upon completion of the diligence, a bid opening document is drawn up for registration of the act with copies of the proposals and checks presented.


Proposals will be sent in writing (letter or email) with indication of all the identification elements of the natural or legal person, the proposed amount and guarantee check. After verifying all the elements, these proposals will be sent to the Insolvency Administrators and/or Creditors Committees for further decision. The result of the sale in which they participated will be communicated to all participants. A report will be prepared with all sales steps, including all proposals received, even if they are lower than the defined base value.







We provide full support in solving problems related to the correction of areas, tax information and travel to the Tax Authority. Preparation, accompaniment, and collaboration in the realization of Scriptures and Authenticated Private Documents. Obtaining documents from various public and private entities as well as from registration and notary services. Specialized legal assistance in conflict situations in the context of the liquidation phase of the Insolvency process.
All necessary travel for localization / inventory and assessment of assets (movable and immovable assets) and subsequent preparation of Notices of Apprehension Contacts for gathering information/documentation. Verification of property conservation conditions and follow-up on sales visits made by other platforms
Scheduling of deliveries and transport of all types of machinery and other goods or equipment throughout the territory and of any size. Together with our partners, we find the fastest, safest, and best-priced solution.




Preparation and collection of all types of Vehicles, as well as their short- or long-term transport and parking. Survey of vehicles in the car parks of Municipalities, PSP and GNR. Preparation of full diligence and status report of vehicles

Cleaning services for apartments, shops, warehouses or garages, as well as industrial cleaning and industrial machinery and equipment. Land clearing and clearing in accordance with current legislation. Cleaning and specific collection of food or waste products through our certified partners.

Property Evaluation with monitoring of technicians on site, verification of the extremes of rustic/mixed land using a surveyor and presentation of the respective reports. Special conditions for assessments and procedures outside the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto
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